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Dear Parishioners

Our Bishops (from the district outside of Russia), Archbishop Andronik Kotliaroff and Bishop Stephan Sabelnik, have decided to ordain me bishop for our Australian diocese. 

According to the Ukase the ordination is to take place, God willing, in our Church of the Holy Martyrs of Vilnius on the day of Pentecost, Sunday 4 June.

Since Vladika Stephan is incapable of traveling to Australia due to illness, Archbishop Sophrony Musienko (from our Church district in Russia) has been asked to take part in the ordination, together with Vladika Andronik.

The ordination consists of 3 parts. The first part should take place on the eve of Pentecost, after the Saturday evening service, and the latter two parts should take place during the Divine Liturgy on Pentecost.

The timetable of services will be posted on our website: .

Ukase – Ordination of Father Andrei

Ukase-Ordination of Father Andrei Erastov