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Icon of Mother of God of Jerusalem

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2018: The Mother Of God (Photos)

Mother of God – Dormition



Entrance to Mother of God Tomb – Gethsemane


Descent to Mother of Gods Tomb


Directly ahead is Mother of Gods Altar, you can go inside and venerate the place where her body lay.


Another view of all the lamps hanging, notice most are coloured blue in honor for Mother of God.


Closer picture of the altar, notice the doorway in the middle where you can view where she was laid.


Just behind the altar, you can visit the famous Mother of God of Jerusalem!!


Ascent back to street level, don’t forget to stop on the way up (on the left) to venerate Joachim and Anna, as they are also buried here.


Birth Place of Mother of God



Walking back into the old city of Jerusalem, you can stop by and see Joachim and Anna House of where the Mother of God was born


It has a small Russian style iconostasis inside on the first level.



Head down to the next level down, notice the amazing old mosaics!



An ancient altar down stairs.



Mary’s Spring In Ein Karem


We stop here in the center of the ancient village built around a natural spring. The spring gave its name to the village – Ein (spring) of the Kerem (vineyard). Mother of God stopped here to drink from these waters.




St John in the Desert Monastery



Mother of God stayed here for about 3 months. Come & see this oasis.


Franciscan church built over Byzantium ruins.


Beautiful Pond.


Baptismal Font, St John used.


Altar at St John of the Desert near the Ruins.

Mother of God Icon at St John of the desert

Mother of God Icon at St John of the Desert.


View from St John of the desert.

Come & see this peaceful place.


Some Online Places of Interest

Mary’s Spring

Tomb of Mother of God


For any further Information on the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2018, please, contact Svetlana D’Orr in person or email her on stretiakov @ .