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St Ninians Chapel

Pre-Schism Western Saints: Saint Ninian – Bishop of Galloway and The “Apostle of the Southern Picts”, Scotland (Photos)

  Saint Ninian (Ninia), a Briton by origin, is one of the most venerated saints of Scotland. He is commemorated as “Apostle of the Southern Picts.” Although few details of the life and activities of St. Ninian are known, in addition to ancient traditions several early written pieces of evidence about the saint have survived. […]

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The Foundation of the St Genevieve Statue in Jardin Du Luxembourg Paris

Saint Geneviève, Patron Saint of Paris

The Fifth Century, during which St. Geneviève graced the city of Paris, was the century par excellence of the radical transformation of Western Europe, and of France in particular.   Although Gaul (present-day France) still constituted a thriving part of the glorious Roman Empire, the continual incursions of barbarian tribes desolated it, and, towards the end of […]

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St Edward the Martyr Icon Header

King Edward the Martyr

When King Edgar, the great-grandson of Alfred the Great, ascended the English throne in 957 A.D., things went from good to better. The country had forged a new sense of unity, organization, and confidence during the past 100 years. Education and culture were on the rise, with English illuminated manuscripts much in demand throughout Europe […]

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