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Christ fasting

Isaak the Syrian on Fasting­

    The table of a man who continually perseveres in prayer is sweeter than the scent of musk and the fragrance of perfumes, and the lover of God yearns for this as for a priceless treasure. Take for yourself the remedy of life from the table of those who fast, keep vigil, and labour […]

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St John Of Kronstadt

On Christian Hope

Christian hope is our hope in Christ and the eternal bliss promised to us by Christ. He is the pinnacle of our desires: He shall save His people from their sins.   “I would love to go to paradise, but my sins are keeping me back,” – say many Christians who have no understanding of […]

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Hristos Fasting in the Desert

Great Lent

What is Great Lent? Great Lent is the 40 day fast which the Orthodox Church observes before the Great and Holy Week of Christ’s Passion. It is a time of spiritual cleansing and renewal in preparation for celebrating the most sacred observance of the Christian year, of the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection.   What are […]

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