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The Holy Three Martyrs of Vilnius

The Three Holy Martyrs of Vilnius

The Holy Martyrs Anthony and John were brothers who suffered for Christ under the Lithuanian Great Prince Olgerd (1345-1377). The prince was married to the Orthodox princess Maria Yaroslavna (+ 1346). He was baptized and during his wife’s lifetime, he allowed the preaching of Christianity. Two brothers, Nezhilo and Kumets, received holy Baptism from the […]

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St John Climacsus

Saint John of the Ladder (Climacus)

St. John Climacus is honored by the Church as a great ascetic and as the author of a remarkable work entitled, The Ladder of Divine Ascent, and therefore he has been named “Climacus,” or “of the Ladder.”   There has been very little information preserved about his origin. Tradition tells us that he was born in […]

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Saint Symeon the Myrrthbearer

26 February – Martinian of Palestine, Aquilla & Priscilla the Apostles, Eulogios, Patriarch of Alexandria, Symeon the Myrrhbearer of Serbia

Martinian of Palestine Saint Martinian, who was from Caesarea of Palestine, flourished about the beginning of the fifth century. He struggled in the wilderness from his youth. After he had passed twenty-five years in asceticism, the devil brought a temptation upon him through a harlot, who when she heard the Saint praised for his virtue, […]

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