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Announcement: Parish Feast, Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God, Saturday 14 October 2017

Dear Parishioners

Just a reminder that the Russian Parish will be celebrating its feast day this
Saturday the 14th October. Bishop Andrei will serve Divine Liturgy for
the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God (Pokrov) this Saturday morning,
and an evening service on the 13th the night before.

After Divine Liturgy, we will have a lunch in the Hall, so please bring 
a plate of food and/or drink to share. Please contact our Senior Sister, 
Nadia Sacharov, if you need some suggestions about what to bring.

Please also note that there will not be any services this Saturday 
evening, and the Sunday services will start with Matins at 8 am, 
followed by Divine Liturgy at 10 am.

Kind regards

Vicky Sherba