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Russia's Catacomb Saints Book Cover 1982

I. M. Andreyevsky: ‘Russia’s Catacomb Saints’ – Archbishop Dimitry of Gdov and his Priest Nicholas Prozorov, Part 6

Archbishop Dimitry of Gdov AND HIS PRIEST NICHOLAS PROZOROV Commemorated August 6 (†1938)   And ye shall know the truth,   and the truth shall make you free. St. John 8:32       Son of Gabriel Liubimov, the future hierarch-martyr Dimitry was a native of Petersburgh. He graduated from the St. Petersburgh Theological Academy in […]

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Archbishop Andronik and Metropolitan Moses of Toronto

Greeting from Metropolitan Moses of Toronto to Archbishop Andronik and Bishop Stephan on the Occasion of the Concelebration / Приветственное слово Моисея, Митроп. Торонтского Архиеп. Андронику и Еп. Стефану по случаю Cослужения (English and Russian)

  Letter from Metropolitan Moses of Toronto.     *** Девяти муч. Кизических 29-е Апреля/ 12-е Мая, 2017 г. Христос Воскресе! От всего сердца посылаю Вам с любовью и уважением это мое смиренное поздравление.   В наш век безразличия к правде, когда многие избирают широкий путь предательства, соглашаясь со все-ересью Экуменизма, Вы стараетесь сохранить наследие […]

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Sermon on the 6th Sunday after Pascha: “Let no one fear death, for the Savior’s death has set us free” (St John Chrysostom)

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. XPHCTOC BOCKPECE!   During the period of Pascha, we repeat the greeting ‘Christ is risen’ endlessly, but it never becomes something ordinary, always remaining joyful, comforting and inspiring. Why is this so? – Because these two words convey the wondrous tidings of […]

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The Apodosis (Leave-taking) of Pascha

Parish Leaflet: The Apodosis (Leave-taking) of Pascha

On Wednesday of the sixth week of Pascha, we celebrate the Apodosis or Leave-taking of the Feast of Feasts – Holy Pascha. While most Feasts have their Leave-taking on the eighth day, Pascha, the Feast of Feasts, has its Leave-taking on the thirty-ninth day. The fortieth day is the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension, which […]

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Vladika Andronik and vladika Stefan

Reverend Victor Zavodov: On The Liturgical Concelebration Between Archbishop Andronik And Bishop Stefan / Cвященник Виктор Заводов: Coслужение Архиепископа Андроника И Епископа Стефана (English and Russian)

Glory be to God, It Is Accomplished!   «Behold, what is so good or so beautiful, As for brethren to live together?» (Ps.132.1) On the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (May 14, 2017) in the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Valley Cottage (New York), a long-awaited event took place: the concelebration of the […]

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Liturgical Concelebration Between Archbishop Andronik And Bishop Stefan May 2017

Liturgical Concelebration Between Archbishop Andronik And Bishop Stefan / Coслужение Архиепископа Андроника И Епископа Стефана (English and Russian)

Liturgical Concelebration between Archbishop of Syracuse and St. Nicholas Andronik and Bishop of Trenton and North America Stefan took place on May 14th, 2017 at the St. Sergius Russian Orthodox Church in Valley Cottage, NY. Clergy and laity from both Diocese came to participate in the joyous feast from America and Canada. To see more […]

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Liturgics Course 2017

The Liturgic Course 2017 is held at the Yarraville Parish, in Melbourne, Sundays after Divine Liturgy by Bishop Andrei (Erastov).   Course Resources: Таушев, Архиепископ Аверкий:  ‘Литургика’, Части 1-3 Taushev, Archbishop Avekry: ‘Liturgics’   Course Handouts: Lesson 2 –  Saturday Night Vigil Index: Vespers, Matins   Course Lesson Voice Recordings: Liturgics Lesson 1 Liturgics Lesson 2 Liturgics Lesson 3 Liturgics Lesson 4 […]

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Vladika Andronik ROCA and metropolitan Moses GOH

Holy Resurrection Feast Day In Toronto, Canada / Престольный Праздник В Торонто, Канада (English and Russian)

The parish feast of the Holy Ressurection Toronto Parish was celebrated on Saint Thomas Sunday. The Holy Liturgy was served by his eminence Archbishop Andronik, the parish rector Protopriest Nikita Grigoriev, and Father Aleksander Krivoshlikov. The feast was magnified by the presence of his eminence Metropolitan Moses of the Greek Old Calendar Church, GOH. To see […]

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