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GOX Synod 2018

On our differences with the Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos / В чем наши разногласия с Синодом Архиепископа Каллиника (English and Russian)

(This article reflects the author’s personal opinion, which may not coincide with other bishops’ opinion.)   Our parishioners have repeatedly expressed their bewilderment as to why the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece under Archbishop Kallinikos has not issued an official document explaining their position in relation to our Church.  Archbishop Andronik recently […]

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Forgiveness Sunday - Bishop Andrei Erastov

The Rite of Forgiveness (Video) “… and Let us Embrace One-Another and Say: ‘Brethren’ Even to Those who Hate us, and Let us Forgive All Things…”

In ancient times in Eastern monasteries, a beautiful custom existed in which the rite of mutual forgiveness on Cheesefare Sunday was performed. This rite of forgiveness was carried out in the evening, following a modest repast. All the monks in the presence of the faithful asked pardon of one another for past offences, then embraced, […]

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Father John Stukach

Hegumen Ignatiy (Krutkov): Memories of the Newly-Reposed Father John Stukach / Игумен Игнатий (Крутков): Воспоминания О Новопреставленном Отце Иоанне Стукач (English and Russian)

  “We are at peace about our generation, thank God,  but about our children we are worried, and for our grandchildren, we often weep.” Father John Stukach     Two Encounters with Father John   Two encounters with Father John on the wide open spaces of Russia are imprinted on my memory with vivid lines. It […]

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Adam and Eve Excluded from Eden

St. John of Kronstadt – On Fasting and the Original Sin “Gluttony and Lechery Nail us Down to Earth and Clip our Soul’s Wings.”

Some people say: it does not matter if one eats non-lenten food during lent, fasting does not pertain only to food; it does not matter if one wears beautiful and expensive clothes, goes to the theatre, to the dances, buys magnificent furniture, chinaware, keeps savings accounts, etc.; but – for what reason does our heart turn […]

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St Xenia

Parish Leaflet: Blessed Xenia of St Petersburg

The only record of “vital statistics” that has been left to us concerning Blessed Xenia is the epitaph on her gravestone:   In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Here rests the body of the servant of God, Xenia Grigorievna, Wife of the imperial chorister, Colonel Andrei Theodorovich Petrov. Widowed at the […]

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Собор новомучеников и исповедников Церкви Русской

Sermon: New Martyrs of Russia / Новые Mученики Российские (Video) “Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” (Rev. 2.10)

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.   Brothers and sisters,   We celebrate today the memory of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. This year this celebration is especially meaningful since January 25 / February 7 marks the 100th anniversary of the martyr’s death of St. […]

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